Sept 1,2, 3 2020

National Indigenous Peoples Day Video Coming Soon


Stoney Cultural Grounds

We were blessed with the company of our friends and relations and the gift of the Horse Dance. The days marked the beginning of many new relationships and the strengthening of old ones too. We look forward to doing it again next year!



The spirit of sharing, cooperating, accommodating and helping was evident everywhere. Being open to the teachings being gifted to us over these days continues to provide us with much food for thought. We are so grateful to the people, groups and businesses that made this gathering possible.

Thank You!!

Family Soccer

Seniors Start Moving for the Swimming Pool Inauguration

Write about a newsworthy event at your community center. Whether you’ve got new equipment, you’re forming teams for a league, or there’s a new person on staff, let the community know!



Oki. Tansi. Tanishi. Abawastet. Dane the. Edlanete. Neeah. Anin. Da ni t'a da.





At the Mountain View Moccasin House

At Mountain View Moccasin House, we are constantly brewing up something new and exciting. Whether its events and performances or announcing new updates and additions to our center, there is always something new to discover at Mountain View Moccasin House. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter or follow us on social media to be the first to know about upcoming events and opportunities.


New beginnings...

We are now a registered Society!  Next step, grant applications, and team building.

The MVMH is a key asset in addressing reconciliation for Canada and her Indigenous peoples. The not-for-profit organization welcomes all Two-Leggeds and aims to have no strangers.

MVMH will work towards bridging community and sharing teachings from all cultures about the “original teachings on how to live” (Krishane, 2018, as cited in CBC Indigenous, 2018).

By creating relationships between Indigenous, non-Indigenous, and Settler peoples, the MVMH hopes to foster understanding, create corrective relationships, and develop reciprocal relations centered around cultural teachings and traditional practices.


MVMH Vision Board

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) 94 Calls to Action

In 2012, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) was established to research the effects of residential schools. In 2015, the TRC released the 94 Calls to Action. The 94 Calls to Action are meant to guide all levels of government and citizens on appropriate actions towards reconciliation. The MVMH will focus on many Calls to Action that are listed within TRC and depending on the sector of society, the Calls of Action will be adjusted and include the Calls of Action that are dedicated to each sector.

Our Mission Statement

“to provide and promote culturally based programs, supports, networking and activities through increasing awareness of Indigenous knowledge systems; sharing Indigenous ways of knowing will increase the personal well-being and pride for members of Mountain View County. The society aims to present teachings through a wholistic and traditional approach. The events and workshops offered through MVMH are meant to enhance relationships between Indigenous, Settler, and non-Indigenous peoples. The overall mission of the MVMH is to actively work towards the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)'s recommended 94 Calls to Action.”


MVMH partners with Olds College

The Mountain View Moccasin House is honoured to partner with Olds College Indigenous Services. Through this partnership we aim to provide education and activities that foster strong  community connections. 
The MVMH will be operating programs, classes and workshops out of the Olds College Indigenous Centre located in the Library.


Elders & Community

Elders are expert knowledge keepers and they will be invited to the center multiple times a week.

The MVMH will host workshops and lessons that offer opportunities for deep learning where students of all ages can make meaningful connections to their environment and surroundings.

We are expecting guests from all ages and all cultures to attend the facility. We are estimating and hope to have at least 2000 visitors and guests in our first year.


National People Indigenous Day

Come celebrate with us! 

Planning for this event has begun. Please contact us if you would like to become a vendor! Reach out if you have any questions or you would like to join the planning committee. ALL 2 LEGGEDS' WELCOME! 



Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.32.51 AM.png

Indigenous Dance Lessons! 

We are proud to partner with Marissa Mitsuing and the Red Deer Aboriginal Dance troop! Connect with us and pre-register for upcoming lessons!

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.36.26 AM.png

Championship Powwow Competition 

We plan to host a Championship Competition Powwow here in Olds.  An event like this will bring in thousands of people from all directions to our community; families from across North America will attend. This will be a great time to showcase our community and honour our students and our multicultural background.



For Youth and Adults


Moccasin Making Course

See What We Have to Offer

Coming Soon to MVMH...
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Circles for Reconciliation Course

The aim of Circles For Reconciliation is to establish trusting, meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples as part of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This is an 8 week course that runs every Monday at 7:00-8:30 pm starting on Monday February 3rd, 2020.



Dream Catcher Workshop

Drop-in on your time!

Indigenous Services and Student Health & Wellness here at Olds College would like to assist you in your effort to realize your dreams through post-secondary education.  Every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks – January 15, 22, 29 and February 5 – all students are invited to come to the Indigenous Gathering Room (LRC 806) anytime between 2 and 7 pm (workshops will end at 8 pm) and make your own Dream Catcher. All materials and instruction is offered to students FREE OF CHARGE. The public is welcome to participate at anytime, for a $25 fee.

We know you are busy and it can be difficult to attend an event scheduled for an hour or an hour and a half on a specific day. So we are offering four different days when students are invited to drop in anytime it works for them between 2 and 7 pm. Come and check it out and create your own Dream Catcher!


Youth Programs and Activities

Service Subtitle

The Mountain View Moccasin House hopes to start collaborating with middle and high-schools in the new year and the society is planning to host a variety of youth events throughout the year. Considering the fastest growing demographic of the Canadian Indigenous population is important for this project because in the year 2025, 400,000 Indigenous youth will be turning 18 and entering the workforce (York Education, 2012).


Beadwork Classes 

See What We Have to Offer

Join us and lean the art of glass beadwork. Sessions from 2-7 pm. The lesson includes all supplies and is a $20 one time fee. 


Smudging Fans 

Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

You’re never too old or too young for Arts & Crafts. Our vetted instructors have years of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with you in private or group lessons. Charlene Michalko will be instructing the course and you may pre-register to save yourself a spot. For more information regarding our programs or anything related to Arts & Crafts, please get in touch today.


Ribbon Skirts & Shirts 

Stop by Our Center

Our spring sewing session offers learners the choice between a ribbon skirt or a ribbon shirt. Learners will be provided all supplies and the teachings will be done by a local Elder. Contact us now to pre-register for this upcoming class.